Seven of Cups- Embodying Our Highest Self

I’m not entirely sure how this happens, but it seems that a card knows when I will be with it, and it shows up in my life somehow before I dedicate the time to sit with it. This week we have come to the Seven of Cups.

Only four days ago at the Autumnal Equinox I drew a spread to see what the coming season might have in store for me. I did a simple past/present/future spread, and the Seven of Cups appeared in the “past” position, reversed. I didn’t like what my present and future had to offer, it really didn’t look good.

I decided to do some tarot magic and intentionally turn the past card upright. I asked the tarot: “What would my present and future look like if I acted in alignment with this card?” The spread changed completely. The message changed from one of repetition of self-destructive habits, to one of emotional freedom and personal power. I liked that version better.

The Seven of Cups is about options, overwhelm, and making prudent choices in a responsible manner.

The image: a shadow is presented with seven cups, seven choices, that each promise something unique. Love and romance, power and stability, wealth, honor, adventure, and knowledge. The last option is a cloaked figure with arms outstretched, glowing in red- the color of life. The shadow figure appears taken aback, overwhelmed. So many options, so very seductive. Each promises fulfillment of a special kind of hunger.

Yet these options appear one-dimensional in a way. A vision of life that is not whole, or true. We imagine that once we attain riches, life will be good. We will cease to want for anything, and it will be good. We find a lover, we will feel valued, wanted and secure- life will be good. We gain knowledge, we attain glory and honor, and life is great, we can bask in the goodness and enjoy ourselves, we’ll never want for anything else if we just have this. And so we see that many of these choices are illusion.

There is one last cup. It is the veiled figure glowing red. This figure beckons to the shadow, calling it home. What is under the veil? Lift it up to find that it is you. Merge into one, being of light and being of shadow, bask in the interplay of light and dark, soak in the complexity and watch the illusions fall away. These one-dimensional symbols promise something that is unattainable- an unreality of simple, uncomplicated and eternal contentment. That is not true life.

To step fully into our destiny we must be wary of false choices. Only when we make decisions from a completely embodied standpoint can we know that we are in alignment with our highest selves. A rich self is not our highest self, nor is the most intelligent and knowledgable our highest self, nor does external validation from a lover make our inherent worth any more real.

Your highest self is there. The path to her is you, in your body, in this moment, right now. You might not know it but you are perfection, and when you consult with your highest self, you can never do wrong, because our highest self is pure love, the stuff that God/dess is made of, the stuff that links us all.

So here you are, presented with a number of options. All of them extremely seductive. Ask yourself- what is it about this that is alluring to me? Does this path resonate with me on a soul-level? When I envision myself on this path, do I feel warm to my core? Do my cells ring with excitement? Does my whole being say “Yes!!!”?

Or are you monologuing to yourself-trying to get your body to tune into something that just isn’t meant to be?

The Seven of Cups has a challenge for you:

Learn how to listen to your body. How do you know when you’re in alignment with your highest self? What does it feel like in your body? What happens to your thoughts? How do you know when a choice is not the right choice in that moment? How can you use this knowledge to act in integrity and in wholeness? Know this, and you will know how to live a good life.

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