My spiritual companionship offerings are a place for us to work more closely one on one. My training as a divinity student has prepared me to hold space for challenging life circumstances of all sorts, and to do so from a deep grounding in spirituality. Issues that may arise during a tarot reading, in working with a plant medicine, or in class with me are all great examples of reasons you may want to work further one on one. Sometimes I may offer to pull some cards, or offer plant magic.

While you may want to use this space to process things and to find support in facing life's challenges, spiritual companionship is also a way to grow your abilities as a spiritual practitioner yourself. I offer one on one coaching in learning tarot, plant magic, and developing the self-trust and attunement to the world of spirit necessary to do effective spellcraft. 

First time scheduling please select the 90-minute intake session. Recurring clients please select 60-minute sessions or less for quicker check-ins.



Tarot card readings are a many centuries old tradition of using cards to divine the truth about your life. There are many different philosophies and schools of thought surrounding tarot. My philosophy is one of free will, and that no future is set in stone. I use tarot cards to divine certain life circumstances that are affecting you, incoming, or past elements that are coming to play to teach you important life lessons. The cards offer a kind of mirror to reflect back to you what your situation is in a given moment, empowering you with truth to make decisions that are right for you and that will aid you in your personal growth and healing.

One-card spreads are quick and get to the root of an issue you are facing, or can help find a single, simple unifying element to life themes arising for you. 

A three-card spread is often a past/present/future spread. I do not subscribe to the idea that the future is set in stone. Instead, a past/present/future spread offers insight into the past of a situation that led you to your present circumstance. The future card indicates the most likely outcome based on your current path. You have the power to alter this future if you make different choices. A three card reading is good for a more in-depth look at a situation.

Intuitive spreads are 7 or more cards. They often include messages from spirit guides, ancestors, shadow elements, a past element, current crux of a situation, opportunities for growth, learning, and healing, and other card placements relevant to your question or current situation.

This reading option is the most in-depth reading I offer. The number of cards may start anywhere from 3-7 cards, and often ends up with multiple clarifier cards. This reading often evolves as our time progresses to get the most in-depth look at your question. We start by talking about your question and what you want to know. I then shuffle the cards, and begin to select and lay them listening to my body and intuition for cues about placement, and what each card represents. We go through the reading, leaving ample time to discuss the reading, and to pull any necessary clarifying cards.


Tarot card readings are a great choice for when you’re needing some concrete information and guidance, a specific question, to speak to spirit guides or ancestors, or are generally needing something concrete before you to receive messages.


I highly recommend recording the session. You may take photos, take notes, or take an audio recording.

When scheduling a tarot reading, please choose 15 minutes for one-card, 30 minutes for three-cards, and 60 minutes for intuititve spreads.


plant spirit medicine

A plant spirit medicine consultation is a 60-minute session where together we will find a plant spirit for you to work with that will best support you in whatever you are facing in that moment. It is an intuitive and collaborative process where I will assist you in facilitating the beginning of your relationship with that plant. This process will ultimately help you deepen your connection to self and spirit. After your introduction to your plant ally, you will be given homework to deepen your connection to this plant spirit. This is a great option for those who are looking to develop personal relationships with plants, deepen their intuition, and make a connection to the spirit world. You must be willing and ready to do personal work to learn and hone these skills. The rewards you reap from this work will be worth it all.

Please note that, being a white settler, the plants I choose to teach about and facilitate relationship with are plants that my European ancestors would have worked with. The reason for this is that cultural appropriation in herbalism is an act of white supremacist theft, and overharvesting and misuse of indigenous herbs is a major problem I do not wish to contribute to. If you wish to learn more about other plants indigenous to the Americas, I highly suggest working with and supporting indigenous herbalists (click through to find a list of BIPOC herbalist's Instagrams).

When scheduling a plant spirit medicine consultation, please choose the 60-minute session. Please note these sessions are only available in person.



As an experienced spellcrafter and spellcaster, I am available to cast or help you create spells that you can perform yourself. Much of my magic involves plant spirits, astrology, candle work, blessings, and more. A spell can be as simple as a short incantation or as complex as an elaborate protection ritual.


When scheduling please choose the 15-minute session and understand that after our intial session you will be given a quote for the work depending on the depth, complexity, and whether or not I am casting the spell for you.



I have many years of experience critically engaging in community accountability and transformation, observing and gaining deeper understandings of oppression and abuse in communities and how it is addressed. I have studied restorative and transformative justice, developed deep personal ethics around accountability and consulted numerous individuals trying to respond ethically and holistically to harm in their communities. I provide consulting and coaching services for people and organizations who are either addressing harm in their communities or are seeking to preemptively construct policies around conflict and harm in their organizations. Each situation is unique and so I ask anyone seeking these services to please get in touch to sort out details before booking a session.



You can combine any of these services above in a 90-minute session. Please be sure to let me know exactly what it is you're wanting (plant spirit medicine and tarot, tarot and spellcraft, etc) in the questionnaire.

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