Ethics and Accountability Statement



I abide by a set of personal ethics both as a healing practitioner and as a community educator to which I strive to hold myself accountable. I invite others to hold me accountable to them as well and to engage me when I am falling short of my goals.


My personal ethics and values include:


  • Honesty and transparency

    • In any given interaction, I strive to be honest not only with others but with myself. I seek to speak the truth in kind ways.

    • As a personal business owner, I seek to unravel the ways that internalized capitalism perpetuates dishonesty for the sake of personal gain. I seek to be honest about my personal needs for surviving capitalism and use these needs to guide me in making choices about pricing and how I run my business.

    • I promise to know my limits and to refer out when I feel a client needs help from a professional whose qualifications are outside my area of expertise.

  • Integrity

    • I will do all that is within my capacity to make choices and act with integrity to my personal values of social, economic, and ecological justice.

  • Boundaries

    • I strive to know my own boundaries and encourage others to find healthy boundaries of their own.

    • I strive to listen to my body, my state of mind, and other factors when making decisions about my work so that I work truly from my heart and do not deplete myself in the process.

    • I seek to measure my decisions based on my values and acknowledgement of the gray areas that come with being in community where not all values are shared. I will always seek to make choices that align most closely with my values, needs, and boundaries.

    • I will keep my boundaries with integrity and protect my right to privacy, and protect my right to be regarded as a whole human being.

  • Confidentiality

    • I will protect the confidentiality of any and all who work with me, whether as a client or as a student. The only exception to this is when there is harm or abuse of others involved. In this case, I will use my discretion to decide how to handle that information to ensure the safety of all parties. Involving the state or the cops would only ever be considered in the event that immediate danger is present and there are absolutely no other resources for intervention. Considering the safety of all parties includes safety from state violence.

  • Personal Agency and Autonomy

    • I value every being’s personal agency and autonomy. My practice is rooted in the belief that we all have the inner resources necessary to make meaningful change in our own lives and in the health of our communities.

    • As a practitioner, I am not an “expert”, I’m not a “healer” who heals others. I am a companion, friend, and oracle whose sole goal is to help others tap into their innate ability to heal themselves and find their own strength and sense of purpose.

  • Community

    • I strive to live my life and to carry out my practice weighing the needs of individuals and the needs of communities harmoniously

    • I seek to dismantle the binary of individualism vs. communalism, and instead embrace a worldview where the wellbeing of both individuals and the entire community are considered.

    • I seek to promote practices that facilitate community wholeness, hold space for difference and diversity in all its manifestations, that tackles conflict with care and integrity, that takes the harming of its members by people inside and out of the community seriously, that seeks to meet the needs of all involved.

  • Social, Economic, and Ecological Justice

    • I believe that the axes of oppression are real, and I seek to dismantle them in myself and in the world, through modeling, education, and supporting with my time, platform, and the resources I have access to. I seek to support:

      • Decolonization

      • The dismantling of: white supremacy, cis/hetero/patriarchy, imperialism, capitalism and class-based oppressions, ableism, anti-semitism, religious oppression, nationalism and xenophobia.

Personal Accountability


Something I value deeply is accountability. It is something that is not easy to come by in our culture, and accountability and repair are not things that we are usually taught as children. I have struggled as an adult to learn what accountability means, while coming to terms with the fact that as a human I am going to mess up. Further, as a survivor of abuse raised in a dysfunctional and abusive home, behavior that facilitates connection and repair is something that I’ve had to work hard to learn.


Once I finally escaped immediate abusive relationships and began to de-enmesh and set boundaries, I began the work of repair. I have hurt others by enabling my abusers and dismissing the harm that they did to others. I have internalized harmful beliefs that were not my own and projected them onto others. I have made unreasonable and unfair demands of others in the process of learning boundaries.


It is not uncommon for survivors of violence to have acted in ways that aren’t in alignment with their deepest values. This is a type of harm called moral injury, and in my path to healing restoration magic has been a great ally.


I’ve been able to repair bonds and make amends for the ways I hurt others when I was being abused. In this process, I’ve been able to reclaim my right to wholeness, knowing that many things exist in me at once: my lovability and inherent worth, as well as my fallibility and the mistakes I have made and will make. 


I’ve been on the other end of accountability as well: approaching people I believed would respond with care and intention to my concerns, and been dismissed and treated poorly for bringing light to important issues.


These experiences are why it feels important to the integrity of myself as a spiritual companion providing services to prioritize my accountability to all who I may impact in some way.


I pledge:


  • To always listen and give serious thought and weight to any grievance or concern presented to me.

  • To do everything within my capacity to make amends when I have harmed someone.

  • To treat other points of view as valid and worthy of my time, even if I disagree.

  • To do my best to find a place of mutual understanding in the events of disagreement and conflict.

  • To listen to my body’s cues when I am feeling defensive, and take space when I feel it is needed so I don’t end up doing harm out of a triggered state.

  • To respond in a timely manner. If I am feeling defensive and need to take space, I will be honest about that right away and give a reasonable timeline to respond.

  • To review grievances and measure them against my values of honesty, integrity, and social justice.


These commitments will likely grow and change as I do, as a person and as a business.

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