Small Transformations

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Small Transformations is a bi-weekly email sent out with inspirations, musings, questionings, and insights into transformative justice, healthy relationships, respectful parenting, and radical social change.


Part diary, part scholarly inquiry, I explore justice as small transformations that lead to big change.

Hi, I'm juniper


My mission is to create a world free from abuse by supporting individuals in transforming their lives in ways that radically shift relationships and community. Through community education, writing, and one-on-one spiritual companionship I use transformative justice and trauma awareness as a doorway to communities of care.

I am a nonbinary and neurodivergent witch, writer, and parent to a toddler. My main tools are the tarot and plant medicine. My spiritual path is Judaism with an affinity for Reclaiming witchcraft. 


I studied at The Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine and am currently in my last year studying for my Masters in Divinity at Starr King School for the Ministry. My specialty and passion is in transformative justice, with special focus on creating abuse-free communities through cultivating healthy, safe, and nurturing relationships.

I'm a Virgo sun,  Sagittarius moon, with a Libra rising and I currently reside in the unceded Chinook lands also known as Portland, Oregon

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I teach classes and workshops and am available for teaching engagements at your establishment.


I offer tarot readings, plant spirit medicine consultations, custom spell craft, spell coaching, and magical skill development.


I offer consulting in issues of transformative justice, survivor's issues, and community responses to interpersonal violence.


I write about a variety of topics including tarot, plant medicine, and more, with a focus on relationships and transformative justice.



 "I consulted with juniper regarding an overlapping personal and professional accountability process. Going in, I knew very little about restorative or transformative justice, let alone the principles behind these ideas. Working with juniper helped me cultivate tools to better understand the breadth of harm done and helped to put measurable steps in place to begin transformational repair. Most importantly, they supported me in giving voice to my limits, boundaries, and needs.

junuper listened compassionately, posed thoughtful questions, and helped me to hold complexities of systemic issues at work while simultaneously validating my personal experiences. They are extremely well-read (and well-experienced) in transformative justice and its applications, and graciously shared their own past experiences of call-outs and accountability. I felt confident and trusting in their offerings, and together we found the way to engage in accountability that felt best to me.

Consulting with juniper felt like much more than addressing this one conflict/person: our sessions were more vital skill-building for how to approach injustice of all kinds in all areas of my life. Despite the outcome, I feel like I now have a foundation from which to engage in a holistic transformative justice process moving forward, though will surely continue seeking guidance from Artemisia along the way."

"Each time I get a reading from juniuper I am left with insight, support, and tools to use in my healing journey. juniper really breaks down the expressions and messages of each card, consistently holding space for my input, questions, and intuition to create a dynamic dialogue between myself, them, and the cards. This has helped me glean a deeper understanding of the Tarot and its language and helps solidify the messages that the cards communicate during the reading. juniper holds safe and compassionate space for everything from tears to laughter and I recommend them highly!"

"juniper is a gentle, skilled reader with a gift for helping pinpoint exactly what it is that needs to be worked on. It has been several months since my reading, and I believe that following the tarot reading's advice is what caused success with what I am doing now!"



My offerings are rooted in deep care and intentionality, and I have tried to curate my online presence to reflect this. Please take the time to explore these living, growing, and lovingly created statements and offerings:


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Artemisia Solstice is now Juniper Cameryn

As of September 2019 Artemisia Solstice has officially changed to Juniper Cameryn. Same person, same content, same mission, just a different name. :)

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