Artemisia Solstice is now Juniper Cameryn

As of September 2019 Artemisia Solstice has officially changed to Juniper Cameryn. Same person, same content, same mission, just a different name. :)

creating a world free from abuse

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Small Transformations

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Small Transformations is a bi-weekly email sent out with inspirations, musings, questionings, and insights into transformative justice, healthy relationships, respectful parenting, and radical social change.


Part diary, part scholarly inquiry, I explore justice as small transformations that lead to big change.

Hi, I'm Juniper


My mission is to create a world free from abuse by supporting individuals in transforming their lives in ways that radically shift relationships and community. Through community education, writing, and one-on-one spiritual companionship I use transformative justice and trauma awareness as a doorway to communities of care.

I am a nonbinary and neurodivergent witch, writer, and parent to a toddler. My main tools are the tarot and plant medicine. My spiritual path is Judaism with an affinity for Reclaiming witchcraft. 


I studied at The Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine and am currently in my last year studying for my Masters in Divinity at Starr King School for the Ministry. My specialty and passion is in transformative justice, with special focus on creating abuse-free communities through cultivating healthy, safe, and nurturing relationships.

I'm a Virgo sun,  Sagittarius moon, with a Libra rising and I currently reside in the unceded Chinook lands also known as Portland, Oregon

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My offerings are rooted in deep care and intentionality, and I have tried to curate my online presence to reflect this. Please take the time to explore these living, growing, and lovingly created statements and offerings:

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